How it works
  • We analyze the requirements and projected market of the website.
  • We develop a design concept to project your business or your profile.
  • The concept is further refined based on your feedback
  • The finalized design is implemented using CSS2 technology, javascript, PHP, ASP or .NET as required.
  • The website will be multi-browser and multi-resolution compatible.
Website Design
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Galerie Sara Arakkal
A company that promotes S.Indian artists and conducts exhibitions etc.
Rainwater Club
A group which promotes the recycling of rainwater for household purposes. The site has extensive information on the method of harvesting rainwater, its uses, etc. It has also been converted into a Kannada version.
Aastha Foundation

A wealth management company which specializes in individual and family financial portfolio planning and also assist clients to fulfill their portfolio needs.
Koya NKP Muthu

Rajeev Taranath
Internationally acclaimed performer and award winning composer, Rajeev Taranath is one of the world's leading exponents of the Sarod.
Yusuf Arakkal
Reknowned Artist and Scuptor, Yusuf Arakkal is twice winner of the Florence International Biennale award as well as many other art awards. The site showcases his masterpieces.
Anuradha Foundation
Anuradha Foundation
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